JP Morgan Jr helps people to better explore, connect and create in their personal and professional lives. He focuses on improving your quality of experience in life, while at the same time, through bringing us all a bit more together, he endeavours to make the world a more balanced and peaceful place.

For the past 15 years JP has been creating a life that he loves. Free from the corporate grind, he has built multiple small businesses (including one from a laptop and a backpack), invested in property, travelled the world for years on end, coached human rights leaders, funded development of a kids library in Cambodia, piloted small planes and gliders, published travel stories and photography, competed as a black belt and triathlete, trained with buddhist monks in India, cycled the USA coast and across Death Valley and engaged in an often obsessive pursuit of knowledge in the arts and sciences.

Today JP resides in London, teaching and guiding people around the world to live passionately and give fully. He also coaches charity leaders and social entrepreneurs to tell more inspiring stories, so that they can gain more support and do greater good.

Beyond being a teacher and guide, JP Morgan Jr is a real-world practitioner. He walks the talk, lives what he teaches and has a genuine and powerful passion for helping people.

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